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"87% of U.S. adults own a connected TV, and 46% watch daily."

- Tinuiti
Reach your customers are the moment they are most engaged.


Advanced Television (also known as Connected TV or CTV) is revolutionizing how brands engage with audiences. No longer confined to traditional broadcasting, CTV offers a potent blend of the broad reach of Television and the precision targeting capabilities of digital platforms. 

At ATD Partners, we harness the power of CTV to deliver hyper-targeted ads that resonate with your specific audience segments on their smart TVs. Using sophisticated data analytics, we can monitor viewer engagement, improve ad performance, and offer real-time insights that boost ROI. Embrace the future of television advertising today. 

Engage Audiences on Every Screen with Advanced Television.

According to Madhive, 46% of marketers say CTV offers advanced audience targeting opportunities that cannot be found on other platforms.


Advanced TV is a goldmine because it often targets users right when they are available to make a purchase. Target their interests and then reap the benefit of conversions. 


Leverage the power of CTV to reach your audience with pinpoint accuracy, right in the comfort of their living rooms.



We initiate our CTV services with a deep dive into your current media strategy.


We identify gaps and opportunities in the advanced TV space. We align your brand with evolving viewer habits.


Our team conducts extensive research on the latest advanced TV trends.


This includes CTV platforms, different audience segmentation, and content consumption patterns. 


With programmatic ad buying and strategic placement, we ensure your brand stands out.


Our execution strategy is always data-driven, ensuring maximum engagement and conversion.


Using advanced analytics and A/B testing, we continuously optimize your CTV campaigns.


Our process ensures that your brand remains at the forefront of viewer attention, driving better results.

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