Why We're Here

Since its inception, the digital landscape has disrupted the traditional relationship between advertiser and publisher. Digital’s complex nature has attracted many players into the space, creating a saturated and confusing industry. This has allowed multiple intermediaries to capitalize on the confusion by unnecessarily marking up margins, and less efficiently purchasing and planning digital media.

Not cool right?

If you answered yes, then you’re in good company because agencies (much like yourself) are smart. And because agencies (and yourself) are smart, they often explore, and in many recent cases, test out a self serve model to keep that margin.

Seems simple enough, right? Turns out those same agencies concluded that creating and maintaining a self-serve model demands massive investments in talent, technology, training, and digital knowledge, increasing overhead cost. Furthermore, certain data providers and programmatic exchanges are not accessible to smaller agencies that cannot meet minimum spend requirements or afford enterprise-level access costs.


Also not cool. 


However, what is undoubtably cool is that ATD Partners has identified the void among these agencies that desire the benefits of a self-serve model, yet do not wish to add its additional operating expenses and knowledge. In other words, we saw what was happening, we heard the concerns, and we took action.

Our offerings are both well rounded and direct. We understand the increased client demand for reporting insights, as well as transparency and brand safety in programmatic placements. We also understand the immense labor and technology costs of starting and maintaining a self-serve model to address these ever increasing demands.


Our focused drive to keep up with changing technology and trends in the digital marketing landscape empowers our agency partners to go head-to-head against larger, holding company agencies for business.